Matinee - can't edit camera position numerically

Hey, I’m trying to create a matinee sequence, and it requires very precise camera positioning. To do this, I’m trying to set the camera position numerically. However, this does not appear to be possible, as whenever I change the numeric camera position or rotation, and click the “Add Key” button in the matinee editor, the numeric changes I made are immediately discarded. It seems to only allow changes made by positioning the camera with the viewport. This is quite a problem for me, because I really need that very precise positioning.

Well now it’s not even accepting changes made in the viewport.

Create a keyframe > make sure that frame is still selected > then enter your position values and see if it works.

Ah. It seems for some reason that the Matinee sequence has a number of keyframes overlaid at the same time, and this was confusing the sequence. Never mind.

I was. The error was simply that the sequence was being confused by a number of keyframes with different values all occurring simultaneously.