Matinee Blueprint keyboard input is global, want to make it locked to a CollisionBox


I have a problem regarding global interaction of a matinee action.

I have a moving platform I want to turn on and off when you overlap a CollisionBox by pressing the “E” key when over said TriggerBox, however at the moment you can turn the platform on and off (activate the Matinee) anywhere on the map (globally), not just over the CollisionBox.
What am I doing wrong? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

Below is my Level Blueprint:


Below is the solution

Some info for you:

4.6 issue, nonetheless, it’s worth a try.

Same issue, same 4.6, yet again, it is worth a try!

Thanks for the reply Rallii, sadly that wasn’t the solution to my problem.

Maybe I was a bit unclear in my first post but I’ll try and explain my problem better below:

Basically I want to create a lift/elevator that is off by default but when you press the “E” key over by the control panel it will start moving the elevator up and down indefinately until the player turns it off by pressing “E” again.

Right now everything works apart from one thing; You can turn the elevator on and off anywhere on the map/level, not just over by the control panel (in the CollisionBox trigger). I can’t figure out why this happening or how to solve it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Geez, I must have been dyslexic for moment there, lol. I getcha now. I had the same issue with opening and closing loot boxes, once I left the trigger I could still open it. Let me have a look at my BP once again and I’ll get back to you.

What I had done wouldn’t even apply here. So sorry to let you down :frowning: However, shoot me your email address through PM and I will send you a screenshot you can use for reference. Otherwise, I will try to help solve it tomorrow evening in here.

Ok, so I’m trying to use Timelines via an isolated Blueprint instead and so far I’ve gotten it to work the way I want, except the moving platform’s movement doesn’t loop.

How it works in my current Blueprint:
You press “E” over the BoxCollision trigger and the platform will move up to the specified point in the “Location” variable (see Blueprint below), which is set to 200 currently. It then stops and you can’t activate the platform again by pressing E and it doesn’t “loop” back to the start or reverse back (I don’t know how to make the platform reverse back down once it finishes either for a smoother transition).

How I want it to work:
When you Press “E” over the BoxCollision trigger the platform will move up and down until you press “E” again.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks once again in advance!

See blueprint below:

why not just use a gate with the box collision have the gate open on collision and fire when you press e key then you can close the gate on end overlap?

Sorry I’m pretty new to Blueprinting so I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Are you talking about some boolean gate or something? Could you perhaps elaborate a bit more?
Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Sorry just got back to my computer here’s a pic of what I mean. It’s pretty self explanatory so I wont bore just imagine a literal gate :slight_smile: Basically it will only execute the command if the gate is open ie on overlap then when you end overlap it will close so E key will no longer do anything.


Sorry it will probably be wise to cast to third person as well so that it only happens when your character is overlapping the collision just means it wont work if a random actor collides here’s a pic for reference I’m new to blueprints as well so happy to help.


Me back again just had a look at your problem ignore what I said no gate is needed. Your problem is that you’re not casting to thirdperson do this and it should work.


Sweet, that did it! Thanks a lot moderategamer and Rallii for your help! :smiley:

I’ll add the solution to the OP in case someone else runs into the same problem :slight_smile:

Just to let you know your way would have worked as well you just needed to cast to third person before this just lets the actor know that it’s colliding with your character and not another random actor like the floor for example that’s why your way was always letting you press E hope this helps the example is posted up above it works as well worth while going on to youtube and looking up casting so that you can understand how it works because you’ll be doing it a lot in unreal…