Matinee Basics: Skeletal Meshes

Spring greetings to you from the Epic Cinematics team! I hope you are making some progress on your UE4 Matinee knowledge and getting a chance to experiment a bit with the cool tools in UE4.

A few days ago Greg Mitchell mentioned he was starting to create Matinee tutorials for the UE4 community. It sounded like a great idea, and I immediately wanted to participate. I recall being an aspiring video game developer and always wishing there were more step-by-step tutorials on game development out there. Basic tutorials are also extremely useful to veteran developers looking to quickly expand their knowledge and understanding of new systems.

With just a little bit of Matinee knowledge and familiarity with the UE4 Editor you can quickly construct complex scenes and game moments. In this Skeletal Mesh tutorial I’ll show you how to hook up skeletal meshes and animations in matinee. This should help you establish a strong Matinee foundation upon which you can build larger Matinee endeavors.

As always, if you have any specific questions about Matinee, head over to the UE4 forums [link]or hit me up on Twitter at @GraysonEdge. The Epic Cinematics Team and others are here to help and provide answers. Enjoy the tutorial and we look forward to your feedback!

Great! Thank you! Just what i need :slight_smile:

Great : Glad it is useful!

Thank you for this tutorial, helped me to start. Lets continue.
I added 2 more keyframes, so my sequence is: idle.jump_loop.idle.
But the change between the individual motions is abrupt. How do I set the interpolation for these parts to get a soft transition?

That was what i was searching. Thanks