Matinee --> any way to blend / combine animations like in anim blueprint?

Hi all,

I’ve done some searching, but haven’t found much to solve my problem…aside from an odd ‘hack’ that a coder posted online (I will link it at the bottom here).

I have separate face / body animation that I’ve gotten to work perfectly within an animation blueprint (well, aside from an offset I need to do to line them up). I’m using a ‘Layered Blend Per Bone’ node to do this. The face animation is blend-shape driven, while the body is regular bone animation.
My end-goal has been to use the final animated character(s) inside of Matinee.

When setting up a Matinee skeletal mesh, however, it seems that animation blueprints cannot be used. If I create two Anim tracks for the character (with overlapping layers) inside of Matinee, it plays only one or the other.
Is there any way to blend / combine the face & body animations…without having to first combine them into their own dedicated FBX file in another program?
Is there a ‘cache’ node that can be created, for instance, of the anim blueprint…that can then be used inside of Matinee?

I’m just looking for the most efficient way to do this, while still having the flexibility to adjust everything inside of UE as well. Any suggestions are very welcomed. :slight_smile:


The ‘hack’ posted by a coder:

Yup, right click in the animgraph (not event graph or state machine) of the animblueprint and type ‘cache’, one of the node (new saved cached pose) will let you create pose cache node that you can then modify with blend nodes.

This node doesn’t have an output but you can retrieve the cached pose by naming it something useful and then right clicking on the graph and selecting the node ‘use cached pose <<your name here>>’ which has an output and no input if that makes sense.

Just to ensure that I understand…that cached output can then be used inside of Matinee? That is marvelous if it indeed can…?!

Just double checking, since I didn’t seem to be able to use those in the Matinee Animation track…?