Matinee Actor location in Streamed Level

Our project is using streamed level functionality, and we have a few matinees that control moving platforms. When we run through a level with a moving platform by itself (not streamed in), the matinee-controlled actors work properly. However, when we stream the level in, the matinees seem to disappear.

It seems that this is because our matinees store absolute locations of their controlled actors. Since we stream levels at the end of passage ways, everything in our level gets shifted over and the coordinates stored in matinees become pretty useless.

Is there anything wrong with how we stream levels or use Matinee?

We’re following the level streaming tutorial here:

And an elevator tutorial here:

Hi tginick,

If you are using Level Streaming and not World Composition, Matinee should work just fine. Just make sure that any asset you want to move between the streaming levels is contained in the Persistent Level.

Any assets that aren’t moving between level should be contained to the level they are in. For example, if you have a platform that just moves up and down and never leaves level 3, make sure that it is only on level 3.

Could you provide some screenshots or video to show the issue in action?

Here are two short videos that highlight the problem.

The first video shows the matinee actor working normally. This video was taken with the level’s umap open in editor.

The second video shows the matinee flying off somewhere. This video was taken with the level’s umap streamed in by another map. A quick check of the transform location of the matinees show that they flew off to their original positions in the level umap.

Hi tgijick,

I believe this is what is causing the issue. So matinee works based off of world position and if you have multiple doors using the same matinee, the location will default to the first door loaded. That is why it works in your first video but in the second one you loaded the other level that also contains a copy of that door. When the second door is triggered, it moves to the location of the first door.

The fix for this is to create a second matinee that is unique to the second door or recreate the door’s animation via blueprint. Blueprints are always relative location based, so you can copy a blueprint as many times as needed and they will always work independently.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.