Matinee actor doesn't preview anim track if PHAT has Simulated physics

If you have any bodies in your PHAT material set to simulated, the anim preview of the Matinee tool doesn’t work. The movement track seems to work fine, and actually running the level plays the animation fine, but you can’t preview the anim.

Hello ShimShade,

Would you mind providing me with a few screenshots displaying the issue so I can better understand the issue you are experiencing. Your explanation is clear, but I also need a couple of steps to follow in order to test and reproduce this issue one my end.

Thank you,

Easy repro on a fresh TPP project:

  1. Create PHAT for the default mannequin
  2. Add a mannequin skel mesh and matinee actor to the map, add the skel mesh to a new matinee group
  3. key frame anim and movement:

  1. Open PHAT and set a body to simulated:

  1. Save the PHAT and reload the map (phat changes don’t seem to update instantly in matinee, so a map reload is required)
  2. While Simulate and Play in Editor show the matinee correctly (with physics simulated on the body), you’ll notice that the anim preview feature of matinee is no longer functioning. The movement keys are honored and previewed but no animation plays. It appears to be related directly to physics simulation:

Hey ShimShade,

Firstly, thank you for the awesome reproducible steps and the accompanying images. With the steps you provided I was able to quickly reproduce the issue in 4.7.

With that said, I opened a copy of the project and tested the issue in 4.8 preview 4, and the issue did not occur. I do not know where the exact issue was fixed, but it has been resolved in an upcoming engine release. Simply wait for this release later this week and the issue should be gone. Thank you again for taking the time to report this bug as it will help other users seek out an official answer if they are experiencing the issue as well.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance please let us know.