Matine Camera Relative Location / Rotate around player


How can I make it so, that when my actor stands on a trigger, the player camera swings around the player and then zooms in on his face.

What I tried so far didn’t work:

  • I put a 2nd camera in the scene.
  • Made the animation in matinee on the character.
  • Then before playing the animation in blueprint I try to attach the 2nd camera to my player camera.

When I do this the camera goes like crazy and flies up to the sky. I am pretty new to matinee, but the docs and other threads didn’t really help.

A stationary camera wouldn’t help I guess, as the player can approach the trigger from various direction, which makes it then impossible to zoom into his face.

Thanks for any help.

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You dont need to attach the Matinee camera to the player, just use a Director Track. In level BP set your trigger so that it plays the Matinee when it is overlapped and it will automatically switch to Matinee camera. Post some screenshots of how you set things up if you still cant get it working.

Thanks for the reply. Well, I know about the director track. But maybe not enough.

In the picture you see the camera movement animation with 3 keys, which was done on the character model:

1: On the back of the character
2: To the side.
3: In front of the character.


So how do I get this camera animation positioned, so that it is relative to my player when he reaches the trigger? Like I said, player can reach the trigger from all sorts of direction with various facing rotations.

Or even more complicated: What when I want to this camera animation to be played several times during that the player moves around the map.

Edit: Well for now I move the player to the right position and rotation by blueprint and then switch to the animated model where matinee can control the camera. Not sure on how to do it otherwise.

Matinee is a bit limited to do this as you have noticed, since you cant get a reference to the player inside Matinee so you cant set a Look At target. You may want to consider adding another camera to your player BP and animate it’s rotation with a Timeline, then activate that camera when the player overlaps the trigger, if you want a more dynamic solution. Or hang onto what you have so far until Epic adds Sequencer(better, more functional Matinee replacement) to the editor.