Math question - Points of distribution between a minimum number and a maximum number

What I’m trying to do: Create a spread weapon for a 2D game (like Contra for the NES). But I want to make it so the Spread starts with 2 bullets, but can gradually be upgraded throughout the game to fire more bullets.

What I’m really looking for: I have two values for the spread – the minimum (-150) and the maximum (150). These values are for the range of the spread angle.
So let’s say I want the player to be able to fire two bullets, then I want the spread to be averaged, and spread evenly between those two numbers. It would look like this:

Averages of 2 values: -50, 50 (each number is 100 away from the next). One bullet would fly at an angle of -50, the other would fly at +50.
3 values: -75, 0, 75 (75 away from the next)
4 values: -90, -30, 30, 90 (60 away from the next)
and so on.

Any help would be appreciated.


@NinjaFrankJaeger , Here is a simple way to do it :


Hello Mhousse,

Thanks for your reply. I’m able to get the debug lines working perfectly. But the problem I’m having is with the actual projectile. How do I make it follow the path?

This is what I have right now