[Math] Orient a pawn to the player

Hi All

In my project , I try to make an ia pawn to look to the player.

For that I take the exemple from the Content Example Blueprint (Math project) where a pawn look a the player position.

As you can see that not the result expected…

Here is the blueprint I use, the entries is 1) The position of the actor 2) target to see

What I find strange is the base (x,y,z) is different

In my project

X =Z, Y = X = Z = Y may be that the reason what it’s didn’t work…

Thanks a lot

Why do you fix the rotation to 90deg?

default character mesh in epics setup is rotated by 90deg.

You should try “find look at rotation” node.

@Nawrot : Indeed its was just that …

Thanks a lot

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