Math Node Errors...

Trying to use this new MathNode to save myself some time and to prevent making any huge errors, I have an equation I want to translate into a Math Node, but I get errors. Not entirely sure why?

The equation is:

thrustRatio = 0.1 + 0.9 / (1 + 0.25 * (heightRatio – 1)^2)

But I get this error:

When I remove the ^2, it generates the nodes fine. Is Power not supported yet?

Use pow(variable) instead

Can you apply that to my example above? Not entirely sure how to implement that.

Check out this post, I have 4.1 version and can’t play with “pow” function, but as far as I understand you should be able to type “pow(a,b)” in expression

Nope, doesn’t work :confused:

I updated to 4.2 and “pow(a,b)”, “power(a,b)” works properly