Math help in Blueprint

I need to know when A value is half of B value, but B value can change.

it has to do with Hit Points. I have Hit Points and Max Hit Points set at 100. Max Hit Points will change based on armor and could go up in value.

When damage occurs Hit Points will go down. I would like to find out when Hit Points are at 50% of Max hit Points.

I can’t figure out how to create the statement- if Hit Points is half of Max Hit Points return true

Right now I’m using Equal To, to test. When Hit Points equal 50 I return true in a branch.

When I add a value to Max Hit Points will I also have to add half that value to the logic. 50 + (Half Value) to the equals input?

hi @kashyyyk1
since your hitpoints could go even under 50% with one attack
you should check for when is Minor of ( maxHP/2 )

Thank you!