Math Expression nodes bug

Hey I am using 4.3 and started playing around with the math expression nodes to help clean up my Blueprints. they work fine while the editor is up and running. But when I compile, save, then close and reopen the editor, the math expression nodes clear them selves out. When you click on it, all it shows is the connection between the input and output, it somehow removed the math that was in between the nodes. For right now its not a big loss for me, it was just some basic math, but I can see that it can be a major issue for people who are doing complex math, or vector math. I don’t know if there is something I’m missing like a step to saves these out but if not I just wanted to point out a possible bug.

that’s all


Hi dragonfly2,

Thank you for the feed back. I was able to easily reproduce your issue and have submitted it to the developers to look into further.

Thanks, TJ

Hi dragonfly2,

This has now been fixed internally and it will be coming soon in a future update.