Math Expression Node Missing ATAN

I was going to make a little math expression using the Math Expression node on 4.7 and I noticed it gave me errors when trying to use atan or atan2. I looked under the documentation [here][1] and it says, from what I can see, that these, or at least atan, should be available.

`"Blueprint pure functions that are in a coded function library should all be available. These include:

Trig functions (sin/cos/tan, asin, acos, etc.):"`

I’m not sure if this wasn’t even supposed to be in at all, but if not I really think it should.


I create atan and atan2 nodes and add this math function to custom math expression node. All work normally. Can you show your expression with atan function?

Yeah that’s the only way of doing it but I’m saying shouldn’t atan and atan2 already be in the math expression?

Hey NunyoBusiness -

I have put in a bug report asking for the inclusion of the atan function into the Math Expressions as will keep you informed as we work toward a solution, for reference UE- 11570

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Missing dot ,cross ,is that ? I can’t find it.