Materials: Translucency Sorting Options

This is a staticmesh with one material applied to it. The material is a translucent type material. It uses vertex painting to tell the staticmesh that only the “skirt” should have DepthFade, but the rest of the staticmesh should be opaque.

In the second picture, you can see that the material is not being rendered properly. I think this is what is called a “sorting” problem for translucent materials.

In UE3, I was able to get around this problem by forcing the material to “sort properly” by playing around with the translucency settings in the material editor. But I cannot find anything in UE4 that does the same thing. :frowning: Am I correct in thinking it is no longer possible to have translucent materials that sort properly in UE4?

I could assign the staticmesh 2 materials (1 opaque, 1 translucent) to fix it, but I consider that a last resort because I really want to make this work using only 1 material.