Materials too small

Hey guys. I’m pretty new to ue4 and I have just put an AutoCAD architecture house into my level using the recommended 3ds Max to ue4 method on the ue4 manual.

So now I have the model, but when applying materials they come out very small. I applied a pine floor to my model but the boards need to be probably double the size they are now.

I had the opposite problem before where the materials were too large and I fixed it by re importing the model into 3ds Max and choosing to change the units from inches to feet. Which made the materials better but they are too small now.

Thanks in advance

You have to either adjust the UV mapping in 3ds Max or adjust the tiling for that texture in your material in UE4. You can do that by plugging in a TextureCoordinate node into the UV input of the texture

UE4 uses Cenimeters as it’s unit of measurment so using feet or inches will cause problems. However it also sounds like you have an issue with your UV’s not being setup correctly in 3Ds Max. Have a look at the UV using Max’s UV Modifer to make the UV’s title more. If that still does not give you the results you want, check out the following doc page on Texture Coordinates.