Materials scrambled on re-import

The gist is that when I reimport static meshes into the content browser, the Material IDs get scrambled. (Here’s a 12 second video to illustrate this) It’s been a problem I’ve lived with for years, and one I’ve seen discussed on the forums for years. Recently I’ve been told by coworkers that a newer version of Unreal has fixed this issue but I’ve never personally seen it resolved. So what am I doing wrong?

Some things to note:
-Unreal 4.22.3 on Windows 10
-I use Modo while most coworkers use Max. Not sure if Modo reads/ displays material IDs differently in the FBX export? But some other Max users report the same issue.
-This isn’t a case of the material names changing. If it were, I would see a warning upon reimport. And an X beside the unused materials. This is just reimporting with the same material IDs.
-The issue doesn’t appear to be about materials getting scrambled; its the ID numbers changing upon reimport. It’s easy enough to fix with the dropdown but still an unnecessary time sink when done several times a day, every day.

Shameless bumping this. Is anybody aware of this issue? Are there plans to fix this or is it just local to me? Any help/ understanding is appreciated