Materials problems using blender

I’m made a simple wooden fence post in blender. I imported it to Ue4 and added a material but the material only places inside each face.(see the object in the middle in my pic) I made a plane in the same way, subdividing, sculpting and unwrapping and the material placed correctly all over the surface. (The object on the left) I made a post with planes joined together and that has the same problem as the one in the pic. Does anyone work with blender 2.76 and have any idea what’s going on and how to correct it?


Can you post an image of your UV mapping of the pole? I would believe that this is a problem with your UV’s.

Thanks. Here’s what I see when I switch to the UV image editor for the post.

It does look weird considering the Monkeys head looks like this.

I made the post by creating a cube and then selecting a face in edit mode and pulling it northwards. Then subdividing and then UV unwrapping.

Looks like you haven’t UV-unwrapped your mesh, you’ll want to do that in order to have materials apply correctly.

I’m a newb to both Ue4 and Blender and it Looks like I was just unwrapping. I’ve just applied smart UV quads instead of unwrap and that did the trick. Thanks for your help.