Materials problem after packaging apk file

Hello, I exported fbx. models with applied materials on meshes from blender. In “standalone mode” and “play mode” everything works fine. UV Mapped Textures are streched correctly on every face and detailed collisions also correspond to visible meshes. The problem is that after packaging my project into Android(All) or Android(ETC1) and launching the game on Galaxy SIII, my materials (with or without linked texture) are stretching in random directions irrelevant to faces of created models. It also seem like the textures (2048x2048, .png) are somewhere near the actual faces with applied materials and they can extend their size to infinity. Most of them look like triangles linked to random verticles of neighbouring meshes. All objects in terms of placement, shape, size, collision are correct. Everything have been set to “block all” with double sided geometry and textures. I can tell those triangles are not the additional meshes, because they don’t collide with the default character. I’ve also checked if my Blender project have some invisible meshes or special mesh properties. Some of the textures are correctly stretched but I didn’t set any different properties for them.

Thank you for your time.