materials packs

Hi guys,

I’m planning on showing UE to a bunch of Interior Architecture / Design students next week and am curious to know if you have any materials / texture / asset packs that you would recommend for starting out? Paid for is OK as there is some budget for this.

Second, If I buy asset packs, Am I able to put them on a share server so a team (students) can all access them?


I have listed some high quality assets that you can use when making interior scenes. I use some of them myself. They are ready to use for archviz purposes.

These can be used in interior design, but they are little bit advanced and specific stuff.

And of course there’s a whole category for architectural visualization. Here you can find what you want:

As far as I know Unreal Engine 4 can be used freely for educational purposes and assets can be given to team members / students etc. You can read the end user agreement to be sure. Also Marketplace F.A.Q.

Amazing, thanks so much for your comprehensive reply!