Materials on Mobile

Hello guys,

I have a quick question about the documentation on Materials for Mobile Plattforms… ( Link ).

The scripture reads: “Customized UVs should be used to avoid dependent texture fetches (no math on texture UVs).”
Does this mean I should not use UV nodes to rescale the textures? I have a base bump texture I use on various objects with different sizes… does this mean I should texture this correctly within my 3Dpackage and export it and not be able to vary anything in UE anymore? This would make me sad …

Thanks already!
JayCox of on3studio

And another thing:
The documentation also says, that you may only use 5 texture samples. What I am wondering now, if I don’t connect anything to the Main Material Node, as in every attribute is not connected to anything, it tells me that three samples are already in use…
To troubleshoot I did the following:
Maeterial is:
Surface > Opaque > Default Lit

I created a simple 0 Value and connected it to all available pins… Now it is reduced to 1 Texture Sample… but that does not make any sense… Help please! I found that two texture samples are being used when I do not connect anything into Ambient Occlusion, once I added my 0 to AO, the texture sample count dropped from 3 to 1. But I still have one going which does not make any sense…

Edit:// Screenshot added.

The Material I am trying to setup is supposed to be a Basemat which has following options:

Basecolor: (3Vector) or Texture Sample (Tex Sample 1)
Roughness: Value or Texture Sample (Tex Sample 2) and Intensity
Bump: Texture Sample (Tex Sample 3)
or Normal: Texture Sample (Tex Sample 4)
Metallic 1 or 0

If I leave it as it is, i have 6 samples… and it obviously does not work. So I’ll try working around the AO, maybe by disabling the thing with a “0” but what exactly does it do? Can someone explain?

Edit:// Ok if I put in a 0, everything turns black… ergo 1. and it Looks fairly normal … but I still think this is a bug… ?

Actually I use the Alpha of the BaseColor TexSample as the Roughness so I actually have only three Tex Samplers running, but still 6 being named… it ain’t making no sense :confused: