Materials not showing after import. Please help!

I have put together a pack of simple assets that I am trying to prepare for the Marketplace. Each asset is very low-poly, has only one material instance, and each material instance parents from another material. There is no difference between the master materials and their respective material instance.

I have each of my static meshes hooked up to its own material instance. I can see the materials applied to the mesh in the Content Browser and I can also see the materials on the assets when I drop them into the scene. Each static mesh has two UV channels that I created–index 0 is for the texture and index 1 is for the lightmap. After building the lighting quality, everything looks fine.

However, as soon as I create a new project and try to import all of the assets (as .uassets), everything imports BUT all of the materials break. As in, all of the static meshes have no material applied and each material instance is no longer parented to its master material. Each static mesh imports with the default gray grid texture. The master material also shows an error that the texture image is missing, but the texture comes across in the import.

Perhaps my problem is a result of my having little knowledge and experience with Unreal, but I have already gone through the assets’ settings multiple times. I have exhausted all of the options I can think of and I have already tried searching the problem.

Summary: After importing .uassets to a new project, all materials unlink and no longer show on their respective meshes.

Everything looks fine in the original project.

After importing to the new project every material and its corresponding mesh breaks.

Inspecting a material or material instance shows an ERROR! that the texture is missing even though the texture is included in the import.

Any help or push in the right direction is extremely helpful, thank you!

your project path must be same when u copy them.
in the case, that will be Content/Assets/Structures.
or use the migrate.

That seems to do the trick! Just had to set up the file paths so that the export pack has the same path as the original project’s path. I’m going to submit it again and then I will come back to check as solution.

Thank you very much!