Materials no longer connected to the objects

Nightmare!! This is what I`ve feared ever since I startet the datasmith workflow.

My new update of the datasmith file is no longer corresponding with my Unreal materials.

My workflow is simple; I add objects to my scene in Cinema, export my updates to the same Cineware file I always use, and everything just fall in place after right clicking the file inside Unreal and reimport it. All my materials are from megascan bridge, imported directly into Unreal. (So I don`t have material checked exporting from Cinema.)

Today, when I did my routine, none of my materials are in their mesh material slots anymore.

I need to understand what is going on, if not I have to pull the plug on this workflow. Takes hours to reconnect everything and I just can`t take the risk of experiencing this all over again.

Any ideas please??

One of our QA did a quick test and could not repro.
do you mind sharing your engine version, C4D version and some screenshots of the behaviour with us?
You can send that directly to me at “flavien dot picon at epicgames dot com”