Materials Master Learning Path with Sjoerd de Jong

I’m going through the Materials Master Learning Path with
Sjoerd de Jong

  • very, very good. Learning a lot. Just over half way into it.
    Where is the example project he’s using (MasteringMatLevel)? I have the Content Examples project which he mentions a few times, but he’s using a nice looking materials project with examples in the level of exactly what he’s teaching.
    ContentExamples has the following material map levels, none of which match what’s onscreen:


I’ve been copying all the materials he’s been going through, but it would be nice to be able to access this project that he is. Any advice?

You need to download the project from the Marketplace.
This is the Redemption Code:48RS4-T3LDR-9LG76-DCT2A .
You also need to ask google to tell you how to use the Redemption Code.

But, where is the project in the Marketplace? cant find it. Thanks!

After redeem the code, reopen the EpicGamesLauncher to update your library, then you will find the Materials Master Learning - Project File in your library.