Materials: in your 3D modeling software of choice or inside UE4?

Hi, I was wondering, since both 3D modeling softwares and UE4 provide material creation, which one is better?, limitations/advantages of both approachs?. Can both coexist?.

Your materials can’t export, but there’s ways to preview what your materials will look like in various 3D programs, not exactly the same way but important for making sure colors and stuff are correct.

I see, didn’t know that. So the pipeline would be that I do my models in my 3D modeling app and then apply materials on UE4.

  1. create your mesh in your 3d program
  2. uv map it + create the texture
  3. import the mesh + texture
  4. right click on your texture - create material - change/add some stuff (e.g metallic, roughness, sss,…)
  5. assign it to your mesh :slight_smile:

Can’t I just build the 3D mesh and let UE4 handle everything else?.

No, because you cant uv map your mesh in the ue4 + you are also not abel to create textures -> just basic colours. :wink:
blender uv mapping ->

Got it, ty.

The basic material and texture maps can export over, but anything more complex than a texture map and a diffuse color won’t, so for most materials you’ll have to open them up after importing and set things up correctly.

Just wanted to chime in and say that I finally went for Max. I’ve found it has a friendlier UI and lots of good tutorials to get started.

Good choice. Beside blender it’s also one of my favorite 3d tools :slight_smile: