Materials imported via Datasmith don't get passed to Oculus using Launch

I’m trying to use UE4 to create a self-contained app that’ll let my Oculus Quest 2 view Twinmotion scenes without resorting to wifi. To do this, I’m using Datasmith to import native TM files into UE4.

By using Datasmith to import a TM file, I can view the room perfectly fine using “Play > VR Preview” command. However, when using “Launch > Quest 2” to build a file, load it onto the device, and run it via the Quest 2 hardware, only the meshes appear. The default gray checkerboard materials & textures placeholder cover every mesh that was imported using Datasmith.

After many days of trying to figure out what’s causing the problem, I’m pretty sure it’s because UE4’s Launch command doesn’t have access to the Datasmith imported textures. I’ve tried to make sure the Datasmith directory for materials & textures were included for the build; but haven’t been able to find anything that works. Anything else that was imported into the Level without using Datasmith (such as FBX versions of the same objects) looks fine, so it really looks like something with Datasmith is the issue.

Can you look into this? My workflow would be much more simpler if this issue was resolved. Thanks!

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I’ve updated to Beta 4 last night, and got a big clue on what most likely was the problem.

When using this updated Beta to compile for “Launch > Quest 2”, there were lots of messages coming up that the Twinmotion asset filenames were too long. I opened the original TM file and re-saved it with a much shorter name, imported the new TM file into UE4.27, and this time the textures finally showed up when using “Launch > Quest_2” to run it natively on the device!