Materials from packs downloaded and imported from the launchers turn grey

When I add a pack to a project in ue4 19.2 the materials turn to default grey when I try to apply them to an object even though before I do the thumbnails show up correctly in the content folder. All the answers on here say it’s an import problem but I downloaded and added everything from epic games launcher so I don’t think that’s the issue. I’m new to ue and I’m using an M1 mac mini which is why I’m using the older version of unreal. Please help lol

What errors are you getting when you open a material that goes grey? They go grey because of broken references, which is why it sounds like an import issue not putting the files where the material expects it to be. Eg; if you have a material that has a texture node that references say “/game/data/textures” and you move the material to “/game/data/textures/cars” (or it’s copied to the wrong folder) that texture reference will break, and you need to update the texture reference.