Materials from Blender to Ark Dev Kit

I think I am missing something here. I have a structure that I created in Blender. Within Blender I added a material to make the structure glass. I export the file over and I import it into the dev kit. Instead of the structure being glass, it is all white and the material file that came over with it is all white. When I go into the material editor and I add the texture boxes I get lost from here because my glass material I created in Blender does not seem to be here so it’s all a bit confusing. I am trying to follow along with some tutuorials but they seem to venture off into textures instead of materials and I do not have textures.

Materials are unique/specific to UE4. They can’t be exported and they can’t be imported from external programs(though I think Substances are unique here as they have a plugin that facilitates their make-up for UE4) such as Maya or Blender - to my knowledge anyway. The material needs to be assembled, or repurposed with an existing likewise material from ARK, in the DevKit with the various textures required to achieve the desired look - generally.

That being said, if this “structure” is for example purely a pane of glass or some such object and there’s no adornments of any kind to it, then I would suggest looking up UE4 glass material tutorials as it’s possible the desired outcome can be achieved with various in-engine nodes in the material editor and not require any textures.