Materials for mobile ( render ) and light

On the computer a material is bright and white, but on the phone a color is a grayish shade. Also and other colors some dull. How to correct it? Or How to optimize light? With a light i have good material but i have high frame.
UE4 16.3

maybe you see differences because static/ dynamic lighting . Static is darker.

and maybe it could be because mobile HDR is disable in Porject Settings/

can someone help?

I remember reading somewhere that on mobile color values are clamped to 1 as maximum value, so if your value exceeds 1 some problems may appear.
Anyway it seems that I’m not able to find that documentation again, so make a double check before taking my words as truth.
Nevertheless, I had a similar problem with one of my projects, where particullary intensive colors where rendered as complete white, and reducing the global value of the color worked for me.

That’s the document I was talking of. Hope that helps.