Materials disappear on imported uasset

Hello, i recently downloaded some free assets, and i copied the file in the content folder (so there is no subfolder). When i launch my project everything looks fine, looks like it has been correctly imported, but when i drag the mesh to the landscape, it appears with no material linked to it, just the default grey texture. When i open the material that should be used, the same happens, it becomes grey, and in the editor, there is not texture linked to it or anything configuration. It’s like if it was an empty project with nothing already created, just new materials/material instances and meshes. Did i do something wrong ?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Seems like another assets pack is working, i’m gonna search more for the other one tomorrow, my hard drive crashed

any answers for this? having same issue…

the references to the materials/textures location path is broken in the static meshes material slots

Did anyone find the solution to this? I also have the same pack. Please help