Materials aren't applied to my meshes

Hi everyone,
Im enjoying the UE5 preview quite a lot, other than one issue.

When i try to apply a material to a part of a mesh it doesnt show the material on the mesh it just stays Grey with the checkers on.
Not sure whats going on but i do know that usually when i apply a material to a mesh the “compiling Shaders” message comes up but it doesnt come up anymore at all when creating materials and applying them,


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Right, ive cracked it down slightly to help.
I forgot to mention that the mesh im trying to apply materials to is a Nanite enabled mesh. When i disable Nanite the materials all work perfectly!
For some reason this particular mesh when nanite is enabled on it wont show materials, only the grey Checkers as though the shader hasnt compiled

Thanks again,


I am having the exact same issue any model I made myself inside of 3ds Max and then exported to UE5 works perfectly fine. But once I say build Nanite and enable the Nanite mesh it loses its materials and gives me the standard grey checkered pattern. Might just be a early bug still but I really hope its just something I missed to activate. Hope we can get this fixed asap!


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H buddy,
I’ve fixed my issue. My mesh was a spaceship cockpit which had a translucent material on the glass section. I replaced the glass material with a plain white material and it worked fine with nanite enabled. I forgot that i had read in the documentation that Translucent materials arent compatible with nanite enabled meshes.

Hope this helps you to.


I have just found this out for myself. I usually bring in full fbx houses into UE4 and then change some of the materials with megascans. The walls and everything worked fine but I could not put the glass in the windows. I reimported and unchecked the nanite and my windows work perfectly now. Took me a whole day to figure out I wish I knew what I was looking for this morning. Good to know others have had a similar issue and found a similar solution. Do you think in the future nanite will do translucent?