Materials are losing definition, why is that?

So when I open my project that I am working on all the materials have the definition that they should. Like all the details. But once I open the next level that I am working on ALL the materials go flat. And when I reopen the first level everything is still flat. I don’t know what’s causing this because it was fine 2 days ago. I adjusted the engine scalability to “epic” and the materials look right but then the FPS drops to like a 6, but when it’s at medium like I had it at first my problems occur again. Any reason why this could be happening?

My guess is that it’s having trouble loading all of the textures into memory, if your graphics card doesn’t have much memory then it could be getting filled up.

put r.streamingpoolsize or something like that in the command console. The value you give to it will be the amount of memory that’d be used for textures. Usually when you have a lot of textures it starts streaming and keeps looking blurry. When giving a higher value to that it’d go back to normal again.
For example I have a GTX 970, when I have that problem I use r.streamingpoolsize 1600 (I just set this high because I don’t have time to fiddle around).

OK that makes sense. Thanks.

It’s **r.Streaming.PoolSize ** (Don’t set it too high/close to your total amount of memory)

Your welcome.

Thanks for the tip :wink: