Materials and pixels

The higher the pixels that are in a materials say the landscape material when making terrain. When adding grass If I add high pixels different from low oners. Will the higher pixel make the grass blades apper smaller than those of lower pixels? I noticed that some of my grass blades are as long as the character which isnt a realestic look.

You cant really count it in “Pixels”.
It all depends on how large the UV polygon is within the texture space and what texture resolution you use in the material for that.
The scaling of your grass shouldnt be affected by texture resolutions at all.
Could you post some screenshots?

Got issues with postin screenshots. sorry. Thanks for what u have told me. When I used gimp to have a scale pixel of 1000 plus noticed the texture itself had huge grass blades. I just need to pay further attention to how individual textures are regardless of pixels. As in some one can take a close up pic of a same batch of grass closer than the second and the first will be larger. Wished I could post screenshots. dnt know what is up with this cpu.