Materials all set to default after migrated 410 to 411

After I transferred a 4.10 project to 4.11, all materials were set to default and I have to open every material file to recompile every one of’em. Is there a fast way to solve it( cuz it’s a 6GB large project )? Thanks a lot.

Hey davidg0,

Did you use the ‘Open a Copy’ or the ‘Convert-in-Place’ option when upgrading your project?

This is unfortunately, a side effect you get when you sometimes upgrade your entire project to a new engine version. Sometimes references can be broken and re-directors cause things to render incorrectly.

Try deleting your ‘Saved’ and ‘Intermediate’ folders. This will help clean up some of the floating re-directors and other temporarily stored files.


I followed the steps then I found another stricky problem for materials:

As you can see in the log :frowning: I converted the project by the way

I have attempted to reproduce the issues you are reporting on a Mac here (since I am assuming that is what you are working on), but was unsuccessful in getting the errors to appear.

If you are able to reproduce this is a new blank project and provide me with the steps to get the issue to appear on my end, we can continue forward with the bug reporting process.

Update: A user experiencing a similar issue was able to resolve the error messages by updating his Xcode. Take a look at his resolution to see if this resolves your issue as well.

Thank you,