Material with displacement

hi everyone I didnt find a good tutorial for using displacement mapping in udk 4 ; can you suggest me one ; there is brushify but we have to pay and I don’t have enough money for it…

If somebody can help me it would be great…


Usually don’t use displacement on landscapes unless you really really need it - for effects like snow trails or similar.
it eats up your scene cost like there is no tomorrow / you are literally better off using static meshes with tessellation.

That siad.
its fairly simple.
The tessellation Multiplier controls how many verticis/faces are procedurally added to the surface.
The world displacement input takes what is essentially a vector field to displace the best around RGB/XYZ
so, in most landscape situations you Isolate the B channel by appending it after a 0,0, clamp it, feed it into the input, and Bob’s your uncle.


Thanks to answer me so fast but it sounds a bit complicated for me, I will try, thanks again

keep in touch…

Hi I finaly ceate a displacement material, but it applies itself on different way depend the object on the screenshot you can see the tesselation on the sphere is high but on floor and on the plane its lighter the tesselation is low even if I modify the parameter in the material, do you know how can I fix that? I post 3 screen shot one with the lit preview one with the wireframe and one with the material nodes, if it can help or if you know how can I modify the tesselation for floor and the plane it would be great…
thanks alot