Material / UV question: Can I assign a texture to uv1 then pan it only on uv0?

Hey all. I have a project here and a deadline looming. The short of it is: I need to have a texture placed on the static mesh’s UV1 (just for positioning of the texture, since UV1 is an optimized / efficient UV layout) but I want it to pan, not on that UV1 but rather, on UV0.

Essentially, the two strings I am trying to join with an add node is a txt coord UV0 & panner for movement AFTER the UV1 txt coord (just for initial position) to the Texture sample. Of course, add just goes black. Is there a node that can do this?

It’s kind of frustrating, I can’t seem to find a way to pin or lock down the texture coord placement (UV1 node). After that is established, I can’t successfully switch to UV0 just for the panning.
If you could shed any light on this or if it is even possible, would be greatly appreciated.

This is probably coming too late for you, but I’d like to help if I can. First off, I can see that this is your first post. Is this question about UE4? You posted your question in the UE3 section of the forum. The only people who read this are the ones who are trying to finish up some really old projects that we’ve been working on for years. If your question is about UE4, you might have better luck asking in a different part of the forum. If this question really is about UE3, or the more widely distributed UE3 build known as UDK, then can you clarify what you’re trying to do a little more?