[Material]Smear Effect效果讲解

在FB上看到Jan Kaluza的仿守望先锋的Smear Effect,联系作者后写了一篇关于这个效果实现的博客,传送门](


thiss something.i dont know what purpose the effect was used for though. hoope you could share more experiences with us here. cheers!

I have already written a blog about this effect. Check the effect from Github of Jan Kaluza.

thats cool though, im a newer here as well as virgin in blueprint. its necessary for me to learn a lot from you. please make sure to keep us posted here on your works or makingofs whatever you want.thanks

It is always cool to learn from each other.

I don’t want to be rude but this is the International-China part in this forum. We’d better speak Chinese.

Noah Zuo

deal,好的! :slight_smile: