Material problem

Hello, I’ve got a problem. I did a car in 3ds max, I did UVW unwrapping, because there are some painting on the car. But when I export it to Unreal Engine 4, texture doesn’t work right. It isn’t on its position and may be also scaled too. Do you know, how to move that texture on its position ? Or maybe there is problem in the export, I don’t know. I search everywhere, but I didn’t found an advise about something as simple as move a texture on its right position.

Open your car mesh in the static mesh editor and check the option “Use full precision UV”. See if that fixes your issue.

it sounds like you model isnt correctly uv unwrapped. thats the most probable issue at least. you are using the same texture for a material that you unwrapped to correct? if the texture size is different than the area you unwrapped to then that could cause the issue as well. I don’t use 3ds so i cant be more specific but those are a few things id look into based on my experience in blender.

I use the same texture, there is no difference. I tried to do new texture, I unwrapped the car again, but still isn’t working. There is a part on that car in ue4, which is unwrapped. I can see it, but the texture isn’t on its right position.

And I’ve tried check the option “use full precision UV”, but nothing happend.

But thank you for your help.

can you post a picture so we can see what happening?

Of course I can.
There it is.

that definitely looks like a uv unwrap issue to me. I would re-Unwrap your model and make sure there isnt any overlapping UVs. Was test_2 your only texture?

Yes, that is my only texture. I’ll try to re-unwrap that. for now, I don’t know what else to do.