Material problem in 4.11.0


I’m having a strange problem when I attempt to link textures to a new material in 4.11.0
Bringing in the textures into UE works fine but when I bring the textures into the material editor in attempt to apply them to a material Im greeted with a bunch of errors

I’m currently using a mac book and I’m current version is El Captain

Hello Sonitus523,

I just attempted to create a new material within a new 4.11 project using an imported texture sample, but I was not presented with the error message you are receiving.

Could you provide me with some further information so I can get some more context as to how you reached this point?

Was this project originally created in a previous version of the engine, and you either ‘Opened a Copy’ or ‘Converted-in-Place’?

What is the target hardware for this project i.e. is it a PC/Console or Mobile/Tablet?

Thank you,

Hello Andrew!

Thank you for responding to my problem but I was able to fix it successfully. Apparently my xCode was out of date which was the root of the problem. After updating xCode and restarting my Mac everything worked fine again.

Thank you!

Awesome, I actually have another user receiving this error too so I will forward this solution to him as well. Thanks for the response, and happy designing!