Material picker/selector

Im not sure if anyone else would actually like to have this… but ill put the suggestion out there :).
Something that would be nice is a material-picker… and by that I mean a picker which lets you select a mesh/face which then selects the material in your content browser…
For instance you might have a large model which is combined as one huge mesh, but it includes a ton of different materials… then it takes quite some time to figure out which
face/faces belongs to which material. And thats where a nice material-picker/selector would be very handy.

Maybe this already is implemented but I have missed it?



+1! since been looking for a tool that works like “pick material from object”, and works on submaterials.

Alternatively you could make the relevant part of the mesh highlight (or dim the others?) when you hover the mouse over particular material.
Or better yet - both! :smiley:

Honestly not at the top of my list, but of course having the option doesn’t hurt the workflow.

Till then Inx, just go to the mesh viewer, enable wireframes and select each material at the right, it sure is not as convenience, but it gets the job done.

+1. A ‘material picker’ would be great.