Material performance problem

(sorry for my english) i have a problem with my android game. I have download speedtree mobile model and i have add this in my map. Model without material work fine and my fps works between 55-60. With materials my fps goes down between 45-50… If i add 4 models in my map, fps goes down between 30-45… Model have 1000 triangles with LOD0 and 333 with LOD2. There are some pictures of the model and materials:,,

Can you help me? Thanks a lot.

Hi Leonraf88,

Perhaps the texture size is too large. Try changing the texture size/dimension to somewhere 512x512 pixels.

Then you might also need to test if unlit+emissive material setup.

RynerAj thanks for answer. I have changed texture size and i have modify my material with unlit+emissive and now my fps are 60! Thanks a lot. I have another question: how can i create a material unlit+emissive with normal map?
Is there a sample project with mobile material?
Thanks in advance.

could you pls share with me how did u change the material to unlit+emissive as i am noob and i work on android and trying to find how to make the material simple too :confused: i will apprisiat if you can share the screenshot .

Hi Leonraf88,

For unlit materials, I’m not sure if its possible to have normal map and normal texture (usually known as difuse) to be combined. Maybe I’m wrong but I never did/tried that because it beats the purpose for having a fast/simple material setup.

As for mobile materials example - you can try have a look at the TappyChicken material setups and SunTemple example - which the purpose of the project was to showcase UE4 mobile ability - but mainly for high end devices.

@mhoni you can use the example shown below, top image is lit-material, requires lighting to be visible/not-dark in the game and unlit-material+emissive; bottom image - requires no light to be visible in the game.



thanks a lot RynerAJ really appreciated .

Unlit Materials can not make use of Normal maps because unlit Materials do not make use of lighting from the scene. You can however use the Fresnel node in conjunction with the normal map to give the illusion that there is lighting when there really is not.