Material Parameters, gone?

I’ve been wanting to animate a material using matinee by moving the material on the X and Y. I watched a video on how to do this… - Sadly it was a UDk tutorial, but I thought I’d give it a shot with UE4. I couldn’t find anything for UE4.

Part way through the video it suggests that I need to name my ConstantVector node using the ‘Param Name’ so I can reference it in the matinee. (Video 2:30) However I noticed in UE4 this option doesn’t exist? It’s created a bit of a problem because I now have no clue how to animate my material. I did use a ‘VectorParameter’ which does have the ‘Parameter Name’ section. Awesome, but when I linked it to an ‘Add’ node (which also connected to a TexCoord, so the material would move) I noticed that the texture would only move diagonally. I tested this with the matinee and it did animate.

Unless there is a new way the animate the X,Y of a material, I’m rather stuck and confused.


I’m animating a none spherical eye, I’ve resorted to material animation as my easiest option.

Any help would be much appreciated.