Material Parameter Tracks don't transfer when converting Matinee to Sequencer

Hey guys!

Was messing around converting Showdown to Sequencer and noticed that Material Parameter tracks are not converted.


  1. Open Showdown
  2. From the Cinematics menu, select the “SlomoRailMatinee”
  3. In the dialog box that appears, select “Convert” and choose a name/location
  4. (Optional) Disable the Audio folder in the newly created sequence to save your ears from the audio horror
  5. Scrub through the sequence while looking at the scene in the viewport

Result: Rocket Trails and explosions aren’t animating correctly, the material parameter tracks were not converted to sequencer
Expected: Rocket Trail/Explosion Material Parameter tracks copy over


-Matt W.

Hey Matt,

I was able to reproduce the issue and have gone ahead and written up the report. The link to the public tracker is listed here. Feel free to use the link provided for further updates.

-Thank you

Hey Matt,

It should work now.


Hey Ridley,

Looks like that link isn’t working.

-Matt W.