Material Parameter Collection not showing up properly in Set Vector Parameter Value node

Hi, I feel like I’m going crazy, I created a material parameter collection to drive some material animations through blueprints. I called the parameter I created in the material and everything works as intended, however, when I try to set the parameter through the blueprint editor, while I can select the material parameter collection I created (testparams) the actual parameter doesn’t show up in the Parameter Name section. Am I missing something obvious that’s making this not work? Attached is an image of the relevant windows.

Edit - Thanks to Everynone for pointing out what the issue was. Since I was using a Scalar Parameter and not a Vector parameter I just needed to use a Scalar Parameter Value node instead of the vector one. Simple fix, thanks again!

Opacity would typically be a scalar, like in your example. You’re setting a vector param instead, though. Note the difference:


Assuming this remains unchanged in UE5.

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Well, I knew I was doing something dumb, that solved my issue immediately. Thanks a ton!

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