Material Parameter Collection has no details tab

Hello fellow games designers,

I am trying to make a cel shading effect and I got it working in a test project, but when I try to use it in my actual game, the Post Processing material works fine, but the Material Parameter Collection doesn’t seem to work. I create a Material Parameter Collection and when I open it there is no details tab, simply a ‘Save’ or ‘Find in Content Browser’

Can anyone help me out here? I used UE4 4.12.5 for the one that worked, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work on UE4.10
I can’t upgrade my actual project to 4.12 because it’s a project for a school course and for some reason the IT department refuses to update to 4.12


I have same problem with you, then I think Is the Windows problem?

So, I click Window menu, The Detail Option not selected…