Material parameter animation. Matinee. not working....

Hello everyone.

I am trying to animate a simple float parameter using matinee.
The parameter is set and well named inside my material. It works perfectly On/off 1/0

I set up a matinee in the level
Select empty group
add a Umaterial float parameter track.
Add keys 0, 1, etc…

It does not update anywhere. It doesn’t work.
I saved all, play in any more.
The matinee is set up to auto play on start (in matinee propery) and to loop.

(tryied on stationary and static meshes)


That kind of same things works perfectly in UDK, i can’t get it to work in UE4.

Any ideas ? :slight_smile:

Tutorial on my second post !

Try the Timeline!

Add it on the blueprint and then add a float track on it (double click on it to open the tracks panel).

Hey Rogeriooo
Thank you for vague the direction, I wished you told me much more, but I am a fighter :slight_smile:

Oh boy, that was complicated to set up and find where and how… Oh my… why is that so complicated to do a simple thing… I can understand the power of it, but still… (reusing the same curve for anything else, is cool)
The first set up… is…wow.

OK so for everybody out there that will want to do the same thing, look here (and you can say Hi also ^^

(completely different form UDK)

-Set up you material.
-Create via the content browser a “MaterialParameterCollection” (NEW>Other assets>material&Texture>…)
Inside : + Scalar parameter, then set it up. (value, name (let’s say “MyParam”)
-In you material : Drag inside the “MyMaterialParameterCollection” (to be clear “my” means it’s the name you gave to the thing)
Connect the parameter where you want it to act. (in my case it’s multiplied with a VectorParam (a color) So I can turn the color OFF ON (0/1)
>Blueprint !
-Add a “Timeline”, open it
Inside : add a “Float Track”. (name it) (let’s say “Mycurve”)
-right click on it and "create external curve"
-go to your curve and make it pretty. (it’s time is infinite, just make what you want.)
>Back to your timeline : Set the “length” on it. (so it’s not infinite anymore) Set stuff on it (loop, autoplay etc…) (I don’t know what replicated is, it anyone knows…)
>EventGraph (blueprint)
add a “Set Scalar parameter value” (let’s call it “SSPV”)
Connect : “Update” (from timeline) to the SSPV.
On the timeline you can see in green the name of your curve (“MyCurve”) as an output.
-connect that to the “parameter value” of the SSPV
-on the SSPV set the “Collection” to the one you created earlier “MyMaterialParameterCollection” (of course)
-on the SSPV set the “parameter Name” to …( “MyParam”)
The time line need to be connected to an event to play
If you have nothing there add (for example) a "Event Begin Play"
et… voila !

I really wonder how I was able to figure all that out… I have to say i am pretty happy :slight_smile: and happy to share !

Cheers everyone !

Edit : It’s basically the same process regarding the use of Blendshapes / Morph targets ! (took me another half a day to find out !)

Nice, glad you made it :slight_smile:

As you came from UE3 i tought you would figure it out as soon as you added the float track on the timeline.

Well, my main problem was to find how to get to the material parameter from the timeline. :slight_smile:
I had a namedscalarParam in my material (UDK style) but the “collection” things was a news one, I could only find a collection link and I didn’t know what a collection was.
Interesting process though.
Very cool idea form the dev. to be able a share curve datas across pretty much anything (I guess)
They have a tutorial about a flickering light that put me on the right track also.

THANK YOU!!! I 've been looking for that for days now, coming from UDK, I couldn’t get it. Trying dynamics Instance, matinee, I couldn’t find.
I have no idea how you were able to figure it out, but thank you so much for sharing.

But this way seem to create duplicated external curves? Any idea why?

The “timeline” (I didn’t know what it was) advice form rogerriooo was enough to put me in the right track, then the tutorial about a flickering light :

Yes, I notice it does create duplicated external curves also, i don’t know why either, I deleted them, still works. No idea what is happening there.

I’ll share again any good thing I found, please do the same, and we can all go forward ! :slight_smile:

Just to keep you updated guys, I added the blend shape / Morph target part !