Material packs 40% with SHADE

This is more of a [RE-RELEASE] for our Material Assets on the Unreal Marketplace.

With this in mind we are cutting the prices on these packs by 40%!

We have taken nearly all of our material packs on the marketplace and recreated them using our new SHADE materials, including the toolkit with the material packs so you can use the powerful blend and terrain shaders as you need.

These packs are created from some of our classics, incredibly popular materials from our brought to your project.

Old Metal
Prison Theme
Mansion Theme

And while these ones are not quite ready to get updates, remember to check out our Roads & Paths and Free Material Pack! One is free and the other is also on sale. :slight_smile:

And if that isn’t enough for you, you can head over to and check out the rest of the over 3000 other materials we have that are ready to be dropped directly into your project.

Use Coupon Code: coolshades at checkout for 40% off your first months subscription.