Material overlays

Hi there,

I need to put a graffiti on a wall containing a material already. Before Unreal Editor, I did this using a PNG picture with transparent background. Is there a way to do this with UE? If I understand it right, adding the overlay texture as a new element to the material would not make sense, as the overlay would be scaled and tiled like the first texture and could not be scaled and placed independently.

Putting something on top of a material is a basic feature to put pictures, graffities or mud stains to the wall. I’m sure there must be a way to do this with Unreal Editor. As I could not find a tutorial, it would be great if anyone here could help out.

In games those are called decals. You can read all about them here. Have fun!

Use Decals for stuff like that. Setting up an Decal Material is pretty easy and straightforward.