Material - Outline Material / Disable Tiling?

Hi All,

Apologises, A fresh Unreal noobie here, I couldn’t find a post that solved this.

I’m currently going through this tutorial: Tron Glow tutorial - Unreal 4 - YouTube

My goal is to create a material that outline objects such as a Tron effect, my goal is this video: Unreal 4 Tron Glow - YouTube


A bit of context, I want to edit materials that are imported via data smith. I have created a material which works for a simple square:

But when I put it on a larger object it repeats:

I would like it to create an outline of the object, from what I read I need something to do with Coordinate but I haven’t found how to properly use them.

The material currently is split into 2 main parts:

Generate the Neon line at the top:

Create Material with Black as base colour:

Any help would be appreciated, As I said before, First post let me know if I need to add/remove any to make it easier to be helped.

Thanks All,