Material opacity AND transparency

Hi, I’m setting up a metrial using a png texture with alpha channel. I need to put the whiole texture in transparency, how can I do it?
So far the editor let me set just one at the time so I had to choose between opacity and transparency but it seems I cannot use them both athe same time:)… thanks!

When you say you need to put the whole material in in transparency what do you mean?

I mean that I have a png with some parts that I must render with alpha=0 (let’s say a leaf, like we do to texture a tree, you know), moreover I need the whole texture have, let’s say, the 50% of transparency, just to see what’s behind,
Thanks, :slight_smile:

Just make the opaque value grey instead of white, that is semi-transparency in alpha.

Depending of what you want to achieve though, I would maybe look into using SSS.

I wouldn’t use pngs for such things, because they tend to not work (atleast not for me). Try to save your image file into the TGA (32 bit) file format. The 32 bit format ensures that your alpha map is exported.

This is the result:

Here is, how I would do it:

Open your material:


Thanks,I’m gonna try!