Material not appearing properly on mesh

Hi there,

I am having a problem importing a mesh of a jacket with the associated materials into ue5. All the materials appear correct in the editor but when all placed on the mesh, none of the detail (symbols, roughness, etc) of the jacket appear and the jacket itself just looks blue and relatively dull. The mesh itself has 3 material slots (for the jacket, extra pieces and zippers). I believe I have set these materials up properly as they appear correct viewed in the editor. I’ve provided a screenshot showing the jacket as it appears in ue5, and next to it is a sphere with the base colour that the jacket has, which does appear properly on the sphere. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

It looks like the UV map is off. Have you looked at it in the static mesh editor ( channel 1 )?

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Checking the UVs everything looks correct, there are UVs there.

And do you have the correct UV scale in the material? Does it need scaling?

How would I be able to tell that? Sorry I’m still very new to unreal.

Something that can make the material look very smooth like that, is when the UVs are very zoomed in. You can just put a multiplier on them and adjust it, to check it out:


It’s either going to be something like .001 or 100.